1. Widgets can now be positioned on the home screen.

You choose where to fix them and what size they will be. Thanks to the Smart Stack function, the system will pick up widgets on the home screen depending on your behavior. For example, if you check stock quotes every morning, information with stock quotes and the time of world financial centers (New York, London, Shanghai) will be displayed on the screen in the morning. If you have an appointment in the calendar today, the system will display a widget with a reminder, map, and weather.

2. New App Library feature groups apps automatically into folders.

It will be easier to use if you configure the hiding of the start screen. Then on the next screen after the work, you will see folders in which applications are grouped by purpose – social networks, music, navigation, etc.

3. Incoming calls are displayed in a new way, in the header of the screen.

Now the incoming call will not interfere with the work with the current application. You can safely finish work before answering it.

4. The long-awaited picture-in-picture feature is finally with us

Simultaneously, chat on FaceTime and write a note, or turn on YouTube and continue to chat on Telegram – in general, we dreamed about this for a long time, and now it is available.

5. In correspondence, you can reply to messages or a thread

This could be done, for example, in Telegram. Now it is possible to mention the addressee in collective chats.

6. Added own translator from Apple

The application works with both text and voice – you speak the Russian text, and you get the dubbed English version. The translator knows 11 languages. For convenience, the most common phrases can be added to favorites for quick access. Also, everything you say will be strictly confidential. The application processes request strictly offline.

7. You can also translate in a browser, but for now, this is a beta version

If Safari can translate the site, an icon will appear in the address bar.

8. Safari checks the security of passwords

The browser checks the passwords against the hacked database and, if they match, suggests replacing them with more reliable ones. Of course, the information is not transferred anywhere and is checked strictly within the limits of your device.

9. “Sign in with Apple” gets rid of tons of passwords

A function that can be called a small revolution. You had certainly come across a situation many times when you needed to register on a website or application. The familiar procedure requires you to specify your personal mail, come up with a password, repeat it, follow the link from the letter, and that’s all. Thanks to the new feature, the “Sign in with Apple” button will appear on those sites and applications where it is available. If you click, the iPhone will fill in the required fields, automatically generate a password and, if you wish, come up with a spoof mail so that outsiders do not find out your personal address. Messages will be sent to a personal one, but its address will remain secret.

10.App Clips: Mini-versions of apps that you don’t need to download from the App Store

They are needed to order food, tickets, and rent (for example, a bicycle). These gadgets are called a special QR code, NFC tag, or a link in the browser.

11. Even more privacy

The next function does not make it easier but makes the use of the smartphone more private. In the new version of iOS, you can configure which of your personal data and smartphone functions (camera, microphone) will be available to the downloaded application. Moreover, the system can show statistics on the use of your data by this or that application. The update also affected geolocation settings. It allows you to determine not the exact location but the approximate one.

12. The “Home” application can recognize faces

Now it can identify the faces of your friends (if they are tagged in your photos). It works like this: you are sitting in the gazebo behind the house, and a friend calls at your door – a notification with a photo will come to your smartphone, they say, Dima is standing at the door.

13. You can add a car key to the Wallet

Have you ever gotten to work and couldn’t find your car keys? And time passes, and being late will not be beneficial to your career. With the new Wallet feature, you can add a car key to your wallet. Bring your iPhone close to the car door, and it will open, place it on a reader or wireless charger, and the car will start.

14. Gadgets broadcast sound to one headphone

Last but not least on the list is the automatic switching of the sound source in the headphones. Imagine – watching a movie on a tablet with headphones, and then a call comes into the iPhone. The headphones will automatically switch to audio from the iPhone, and when you end the call and return to the movie, they will pick up the audio from the iPad again.

By the way, did you know that the first smartphone with a fingerprint sensor was the iPhone 5S? We have an article where we talked about the iPhone’s history, starting with the first model – there are many interesting facts.

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