Apple has released a preview of iOS 15. Below I will highlight the main innovations in the axis.


FaceTime video calling is now more natural. Added spatial audio to make the interlocutor’s voice more natural.

Machine learning has learned to highlight the speaker’s voice. Sounds like a very harsh noise reduction. But you can turn it off to hear everything that is happening around.

The modes “Grid” and “Portrait mode” appeared. You can share links to conversations. Hi Zoom.

Share Play: listen to music, watch movies, share the screen with all your interlocutors. All this will take place without delay. Apparently, it works not only in Apple Music and Apple TV +:

In both cases, you can share audio to the Apple TV set-top box.


The iMessage app becomes a real messenger. As before, here you can share photos, videos, but now all this can be fixed, as well as watch all the materials sent in the conversation.

In addition, there is integration with other Apple services like Apple News.


This is a new way of working for notifications. With the help of AI, notifications are grouped into special groups. This grouping is based on the user’s context. The iPhone understands where the owner is (at home or at work) and turns on the desired notification mode.

Do Not Disturb is now a status in iMessage. The interlocutors will be notified about it. But if necessary, you can send an important message that will make its way through this mode.

Online text

Artificial intelligence analyzes photos and what you are currently photographing. AI also finds text and numbers in photos. All this is recognized and easily converted into texts. For example, now you don’t need to rewrite a number from a photo to make a call – you just need to copy it.

Support in Russian has not yet been announced.


Spotlight now works with photo gallery. In the search bar, you can score “Bridge in Los Angeles” and it will automatically display everything related to this place in your iPhone.


We have all come across automatically created videos that are dedicated to events, phenomena or people. Now music in such videos is selected from Apple Music. Moreover, the “Gallery” itself will offer you the most suitable options, studying the context indicated in the photo.

There will also be special filters that work with AI.


Apple Wallet will now be able to store digital versions of keys to your home, car, work or hotel room.

They will add the ability to store their own documents such as rights or an analogue of passports in some countries.


The new design will help you better perceive the weather. Also, there will be new maps in high resolution and with new animations that will illustrate the weather outside the window.

Apple Maps

“Maps” are evolving. New detailed maps of new countries are being added today, as well as a detailed map of the planet.

The new navigator works not only for cars, but also for pedestrians. The “maps” will follow you. If necessary, the iPhone will warn you that you need to get out of the transport, since this is your stop.

At the moment, the devices that will receive iOS 15 have not yet been named.