In iOS 14.3, judging by the official changelog, Apple has fixed the problems with third-party wireless chargers’ incorrect operation. However, users continue to complain that wireless chargers are either not working or working poorly.

The company did not comment on the situation. What the problem is with is unknown. Smartphones may not charge both expensive wireless chargers from well-known manufacturers and Chinese counterparts for a couple of bucks.

Whether the problem will be fixed in iOS 14.4 or will have to wait for another update is also unknown. It looks unfortunate against the backdrop of rumors that next year, and maybe in another year, Apple will release a smartphone without a Lightning connector at all – then charging will be carried out only wirelessly.

Imagine that you bought a new smartphone without a connector, and it refuses to charge from your proven charging time. And it’s unclear how long to wait for the update to charge the device and start using it finally.

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