Scientists at the Indian Institute for Science Education and Research (IISER) in Kolkata have created an innovative screen protector for smartphones.

It is hard and transparent glass, cracks on which can heal on its own. Glass is created using a piezoelectric organic material that is capable of converting mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice versa. The result is needle-shaped crystals 2 mm long and 0.2 mm wide.

The unique molecular basis of the material allows individual particles or crystals to “seal” cracks. Scientists themselves are confident that their development is ideal for smartphones. At the same time, it is stated that the new glass is 10 times harder than solutions already on the market. Large cracks are unlikely to be removed, but small ones that arise during daily use, such glass is quite capable of eliminating.

Introduced a futuristic protective glass for smartphones that can

It remains to add that in recent years we have repeatedly heard about such innovative glass, which can be independently restored. But the matter will not reach commercial application.

Unfortunately, the staff of the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research did not give a time frame when smartphone manufacturers can start using their development.

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