Do not be surprised if you notice disruptions in the work of sites: on Tuesday, June 8, at about 13:00 Moscow time, the company crashed Fastly… She is responsible for the CDN infrastructure. The company helps to cache data based on your location, thus speeding up the loading of media content so that there are no excruciatingly long pauses.

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a geographically distributed network infrastructure that provides fast delivery of content to users of web services and sites. The servers included in the CDN are geographically located in such a way as to minimize the response time for users of the site / service.


The situation looks like this: popular news sites such as The Verge, CNN, Reddit, Bloomberg, as well as streaming services YouTube or Spotify and other resources work unstable… I will not give a complete list, it is easier to say that many have suffered.

This is how the problem of one company affected everyone. On the one hand, it’s great when work is connected with the Internet, and on the other hand, if you turn it off, you can think about your future. Internet, live, and no pain.

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