Three years ago, the company announced the Optane P4800X SSD with impressive speed. Now he has a sequel.

Intel introduced new drives based on the second generation of 3D XPoint chips. The P5800X uses the new PCIe 4.0 bus and doubles the data transfer rate.

Intel made Optane P5800X, the world's fastest SSD

The new drives are three times faster in IOPS in mixed workloads and up to 67% faster. They are also less susceptible to wear and tear – you can perform 100 full rewrites per day for five years, which gives wear resistance at the 584 PB write level.

But the company is not yet ready to reveal all the details about the next generation 3D XPoint memory. There is a version that the company has switched from two-layer 3D XPoint chips to four-layer ones.

Intel made Optane P5800X, the world's fastest SSD

Read and write speed – 7.2 and 6.2 GB / s. IOPS values ​​for random 4K blocks will be 1.5 million for reading and the same amount for writing. For mixed workloads in a 70/30 ratio, the IOPS reaches 1.8 million units. The minimum delays for reading random 4K blocks with a command queue depth of exactly one are less than 6 μs. For mixed modes of reading and writing, the delay is not more than 25 μs.

With this, the device tries on the capabilities of RAM. By the way, this solves the modern problem because RAM is now a bottleneck between the central processor and memory arrays on hard drives and SSDs.

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