Citing a publication by the Financial Times, the source claims that Intel is exploring the possibility of huge investments in manufacturing in the European Union. We are talking about 20 billion euros with the goal of producing “20% of logic chips in the world” by 2030. The source suggests that this amount does not include Intel’s current investment in Ireland. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger recently met with leaders in France and Italy to “rebalance semiconductor manufacturing to make supply chains more resilient.” Reading between the lines, it becomes clear that they are referring to the world’s over-reliance on Asia, especially Taiwan, for advanced semiconductor products.

Intel is exploring the possibility of building a factory in Europe worth 20 billion euros

The location of Intel’s new mega-plant has yet to be determined as the company is still in talks with EU member states to work out the best deal. Regardless of where they go, the investment will be in line with the EU’s overall strategy to localize semiconductor production on a large scale, with the aim of making it an exporter of the EU.

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