Extra sheets of paper can disrupt numbering, increase paper consumption when printing, and make information difficult to read. To avoid this, it is worth knowing that there are several techniques for getting rid of white space.

Removing extra sheets at the beginning of a document

One of the easiest and fastest ways to delete a page at the beginning of a document requires checking the reason for the appearance of such a sheet. These are usually paragraph characters. You can verify their availability by clicking on the icon resembling an inverted letter “P” and located on the “Home” tab. The same effect can be achieved by pressing Ctrl + Shift + 8.

Paragraph characters may appear on the screen. They look the same as the image on the button pressed to display non-printable characters. And you can get rid of such a blank sheet by placing the cursor among these characters and deleting them using the Delete or Backspace keys. The text moves up and the empty space disappears.

Instead of invisible paragraphs without enabling the appropriate mode, page breaks may cause blank pages. To see them, you will have to turn on the display of non-printable characters again. Then put the mouse cursor in front of the page break and press Delete one or more times (if there are also paragraph icons on the blank page).

If there are a lot of non-printable characters that you may encounter, for example, when using small print, you can use another method:

  1. Place the cursor anywhere on the first blank sheet.
  2. Call the search menu – for this, you can press, for example, the combination Ctrl + G, or the corresponding icon on the main tab in the “Editing” group.
  3. Select the “Go” tab.
  4. Find the “Page” item in the list (usually it will be selected by default).
  5. Instead of entering numbers manually, type ” page” and click “Go”.

After these actions, all symbols and objects on the desired page will be highlighted. Now they can be deleted with one click Delete. Although this method may seem too long, it can easily remove not only paragraphs and breaks, but also, for example, invisible tables that would have to be highlighted separately if using other methods.

Erase blank pages in the middle of a document

You can remove a blank page in the Word in the middle of the document using the same techniques that are suitable for the first sheet. Search for invisible characters, highlight and erase them. But if, in order to remove an extra empty area, you need to delete several sheets at once, which appeared due to the arrangement of breaks, you can simplify the task a little.

The user will have to left-click on one of the “Page Break” labels that appeared when invisible symbols were turned on. This will help to select at once all consecutive breaks (2, 3 or 50), which can be removed with one click of Delete.

Delete the last page

Another way to delete a blank page in Word is only suitable for the blank area at the very end of the document. There can also be non-printable characters here, which can be easily removed. But sometimes such extra pages appear by accidentally pressing or dropping the Enter button on the keyboard.

The key combination Ctrl + Shift + End will help to delete an empty sheet in the Word. It must be pressed by placing the cursor at the beginning of the last page. All paragraphs will be selected to the end of the document, and you can delete them using Delete.

If free space remains due to an extra line after the table, you can fix the situation simply by reducing the font size. The cursor must be placed at the beginning of the last sheet by highlighting the paragraph icon.

Now you need to find the font size window and manually put here, for example, a unit. The symbol will move to the penultimate sheet, leading to the disappearance of the last one.

Another way, how to remove an extra blank sheet after the table in the Word, involves a slight resizing of the borders. Use it if even reducing the font did not help to remove the blank page.

The dimensions are changed by going to the “Layout” tab, selecting the “Margins” item and adjusting them manually or by choosing a template option. The text above the table will move up, and the extra paragraph will appear on the penultimate sheet.

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