“Instagram is against the hate” – so summarize company statement in which she reports the change rules for using the service. According to them, accounts from which people offend other service users in private messages can be blocked and deleted.

What’s new?

Earlier, if a person offended someone and received a complaint against him, he was temporarily prohibited from sending private messages to Direct. Now, if the user receives a repeated complaint, his account will be disabled. And it won’t be easy to re-create an account.

Also, users will be able to disable messages from people to whom they are not subscribed.

All this happened when big companies like Microsoft once again started talking about Internet hats. Valya, even with an eye on the report of “small soft” released a video where he raised this important issue:

Also, Instagram announced a feedback function when receiving messages with a hate speech in the coming months. The exact timing of the introduction of new features has not yet been named.

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