A teenager from Thailand found an ad on an unknown e-commerce platform for the sale of an Apple iPhone at a very low price, and then rushed to place an order. When he received the package, he was shocked by the size of the package.

Sources add that the price of this “smartphone” was about half the market price, but in the end the buyer received a coffee table with a table top in the shape of a huge iPhone.

Inexpensive Apple iPhone turned out to be not even a smartphone, but the buyer found a use for it

In an interview with local media, the young man confirmed that he had made the order inattentively and did not read the details, so there was no deception in this case. Judging by the photo, the buyer has found a use for this table.

This story once again remind you that when ordering any goods from Aliexpress and other Chinese online platforms, you must carefully read the description of the product, study customer reviews and the seller’s reputation.

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