Analyst company Trendfocus has released a report for the first quarter, which summarizes data on shipments of hard disk drives.

According to analysts’ estimates, 62.75-64.85 million drives were shipped during the reporting period. This is 7.5-10.5% less than in the previous quarter, and 4.1-7.2% less in annual terms, that is, compared to the first quarter of 2020.

Seagate remains the market leader. During the quarter, this manufacturer shipped 26.75-27.75 million HDDs, which is 5.1-8.5% less in annual terms. As a result, the share of Seagate drives in the global supply volume is estimated at 42.6–42.8%.

In second place is the WDC. with a share of 38.8%. This manufacturer reduced shipments in annual terms by 3.5-7.6%, shipping 22.50-23.50 million drives.

Toshiba shipped 13.60-14.50 million HDDs for the quarter. This figure is 3.3-4.0% less than Toshiba’s figure for the first quarter of last year. According to the results of the reporting period, Toshiba owns 21.0-21.5% of the market.

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