The US sanctions imposed on Huawei have stripped the Chinese company of not only single-chip systems, but also other semiconductor products. And if the situation with hardware platforms was partially resolved (Huawei began to buy SoC from Qualcomm without 5G support sanctions do not apply to them), then everything is bad with memory chips.

Huawei has an acute shortage of memory chips.  Mate 40 RS Porsche Design with 12 GB of RAM is no longer in production, and Huawei P50 will receive only 8 GB of RAM

Literally at the end of last week it became known that Huawei has stopped production of the Mate 40 RS Porsche Design with 12 GB of RAM. Now this smartphone is presented only with 8 GB of RAM. And now there are rumors that the latest flagship Huawei P50 will not have 12 GB of RAM.

Perhaps such a configuration will appear later, but initially the P50 will be presented in versions with only 8 GB of RAM. Obviously, Huawei has not yet restored the supply of memory chips from Samsung and SK Hynix, but it may be possible to do so in the future.

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