Strategy Analytics has made its own forecast regarding the situation with the blockage of the Suez Canal and the potential impact of the situation on the smartphone industry.

Will the blockage of the Suez Canal cause problems with the supply of smartphones in the second quarter of 2021? At this stage, we think that the situation will affect the smartphone market, but not much.

Strategy Analytics

According to Strategy Analytics, less than 5% of the world’s smartphone logistics flow passes through the Suez Canal today. Most mobile phones and smartphone components are shipped to other countries via other ocean routes or airplanes. For example, a Boeing 747 can transport 150,000 smartphones from factory to warehouse in a matter of hours.

How will blocking the Suez Canal affect the smartphone market?  Strategy Analytics' opinion

If there will be an impact on the smartphone market, it will be indirect. Most of the ships detained in the Suez Canal are oil tankers. Thus, the delay could lead to higher fuel prices. This, in turn, may affect the cost of delivering smartphones by trucks and airplanes.

Overall, however, Strategy Analytics currently estimates the global impact of the situation on the smartphone market as not very significant.

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