iPhone is jailbroken: how to recognize it

Apple’s iOS operating system is considered very secure. For example, unlike Android, applications in it can be downloaded only from the Apple Store, and there they are under strict control. However, your iPhone can still be jailbroken, especially if you jailbreak it yourself.

Jailbreak allows you to bypass strict security measures on the iPhone and, for example, install unauthorized applications or perform more in-depth customization of iOS. Therefore, if you have jailbroken and are using alternative app stores such as Cydia, you should always keep your safety in mind.

Apple practically does not give hackers and cybercriminals the ability to create viruses for iOS, but at the same time there are many Trojans that can infiltrate the system. An internal attack on your phone is usually possible if the iPhone has fallen into the hands of cybercriminals at least once for a long time.

During such an attack, a hacker can download malware and spyware onto your iPhone. Therefore, pay special attention to applications that you have never seen on your phone before, and always watch for changes in the system settings that were not made by you.

Also, check to see if you are getting elevated mobile bills or if you have noticed abnormally high data usage behind some apps. After all, hackers can, for example, send files on your mobile phone at your expense.

Attackers mainly rely on a ransom, which they receive promises to provide access to your iPhone again. At least, if the criminal has come into contact with you, then it becomes clear for sure that the phone is hacked and something needs to be done urgently.

iPhone jailbroken: how to protect yourself

If your iPhone has been jailbroken, it’s best to do a factory reset.
How to return the iPhone to factory settings, we told in a separate article. In addition, urgently change all access codes, as well as passwords for banking and other applications.

To protect your iPhone from hacker attacks, you need to update your iOS every time the latest upgrade is released. Because it is in them that the developers close the system vulnerabilities. In addition, you should avoid entering personal data on public Wi-Fi networks and do not leave your iPhone unattended to prevent attackers from gaining access to it.

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