How to set up Remote Desktop on Windows 7/8/10

Setting up a Windows 7 and 8 computer as a remote desktop

If a computer is controlled remotely, then it is called a host (Host-PC). In turn, the PC from which the remote access takes place is called the Client. If you have Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed on your device, you can configure it as a remote desktop using the Run dialog box.

  • Open the Run window with the keyboard shortcut [Win] + [R]…
  • To open the system properties, enter the sysdm.cpl command and confirm the entry with the Enter key.
  • In the window that opens, select the “Remote Access” tab. Select the “Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer” check box.
  • In the “Remote Desktop” section, select “Allow connections from computers with any version of Remote Desktop.”
  • Then click the Select Users button. Select the accounts you trust and allow the remote connection.
  • Confirm the settings by clicking on “OK”.

To remotely control a computer, it must have public access to port 3389. How to do this, see below.

How to find and change the RDP port on Windows

The RDP port cannot be simply changed through the Windows API, but there is such an option in the registry settings.

  • Open the Run window again with the combination [Win] + [R]…
  • Enter the command regedit and confirm with Enter. Then you may need to allow the registry to run through User Account Control by clicking Yes.
  • In a new window go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SYSTEM> CurrentControlSet> Control> Terminal Server> WinStations> RDP-Tcp.
  • In the right pane, double-click the PortNumber entry. A small window will open.
  • Set “Base” to “Decimal” value in the lower right corner and enter the desired port in the “Value” field.
  • Save changes by clicking “OK” and restart your computer. The system will now use the new port for remote connection.

Setting up Remote Desktop in Windows 10

In Windows 10, setting up Remote Desktop is much easier.

  • Open Settings – click for this keyboard shortcut [Win] + [I]…
  • Here, select the “System” section, and then on the left in the proposed list, click on “Remote Desktop”.
  • In the “Enable Remote Desktop” item, set the slider to “ON”.

Important: Remote Desktop setup doesn’t work with Windows 10 Home. In this case, you can use special programs for remote access to the computer, such as TeamViewer.

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