On July 14, Netflix unveiled a new feature called Top 10 in Kids. This is a selection of popular videos for children and families in a particular country. It will be available on Netflix’s Kids profile. By the way, it can be very precisely configured using the built-in security tools of the service.

How to set up a Netflix child profile: 4 steps

1. Create a kids’ Netflix profile with age rating

To use a Netflix child profile, create a “Kids” profile and set an age category so that only TV shows and movies that match the child’s age limit will be displayed.

2. Set the PIN

Netflix subscribers can enter secure access for individual profiles in their account. To unblock such a profile, you will need to enter a PIN. You can add a password in your account settings: section “Profile and parental control” – “Profile protection”.

3. Block content selectively

Netflix gives you the ability to block specific projects that you think are out of place for your child.

  • Go to your account settings and open the “Profile & Parental Controls” section for the corresponding profile.
  • In the “Viewing restrictions” item, enter the name of the TV series or movie that you would like to block and click on the video when it appears.
  • Save your settings. Now TV shows and movies highlighted in red in the “Viewing restrictions” section will be removed from the profile.

4. Learn about your child’s preferences

A parent at any time can see what films and TV shows the children have watched. To do this, go to the section “Profile and parental control” – “Browsing history”.

And from July 16, all users with a child profile will be able to receive emails with reports of the child’s preferences, based on the content already viewed. These will include:

  • recommendations based on the child’s favorite films and TV shows;
  • coloring pages and tasks with your favorite characters that you can print;
  • a list of the main topics that are present in the children’s favorite programs (for example, science or friendship);
  • tips on how to use the Kids section of Netflix.

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