In order to play computer games, as well as buy them, a Steam account is often required. But both avid gamers and those who play from time to time may face a situation where access to their account is impossible. The profile can be stolen or the user himself can forget the login information. In both cases, Steam technical support will come to the rescue. You can easily restore your Steam account by login.

The first thing to start with account recovery is a visit to Steam support page… There they will immediately offer two options: logging into your account or help with this. We are interested in the second case.

At the next step of account recovery, the system will clarify what exactly the problem is – a username or password is forgotten, an account is stolen, a Steam Guard code for data recovery is not sent to the mail, or a mobile authenticator is missing.

If the matter is in a forgotten username or password, then technical support will ask you to specify the email address or mobile phone number with which the Steam account is associated.

In the case when the specified data is really tied to one of the accounts in the service, then you can either restore the profile using e-mail …

… which will receive an alphanumeric code to reset the password and set a new one. This is all over – it will be enough not to forget the new password to access Steam. Here is a simple answer to the question of how to restore a Steam account using a recovery code.

How to restore a Steam account without mail? If you no longer have access to the email address to which your Steam account was registered, then technical support will offer to fill out a fairly extensive form in which the more information there is, the higher the chance to restore your profile.

If you are trying to recover a stolen Steam account, technical support will first ask you to make sure that your computer is not infected with viruses and other malicious software, then it will recommend changing your email address, and after everything is done, it will give you the opportunity to start the access restoration procedure. In general, it will be similar to those described above.

If you cannot get the security code necessary to continue the procedure for recovering your login or password, then Steam technical support has recommendations for this case as well.

Well, when access to Steam is restored, it’s time to return to the games, as a result of which it will not be superfluous to share videos of your playthroughs with your friends. You can also do this right on the platform if you follow our tips for uploading videos to Steam.




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