Recover files deleted to the trash

If you deleted files on your computer, and you need them again, you can restore them from the Windows Recycle Bin. Provided you haven’t cleaned up that trash can yet, you don’t even need external software to rescue data.

Click directly on the trash can and go to the “Search for deleted files” section. If the document is found, right-click on it and select “Recover”. It will automatically be returned to the folder in which it was originally located. This way, you get the deleted file back and you don’t need any additional programs.

File recovery software

If you’ve emptied the Windows Recycle Bin or formatted your memory card, you can use data recovery software to get your lost files back. This is possible even if they have been removed from the hard drive.

These programs can be very useful also in cases when the hard disk has become infected with a virus or a system failure has occurred, as a result of which the data has been corrupted.

There is a lot of software that can be downloaded for free: for example, Recuva or Ashampoo undeleter… But such programs often have limited functionality, and access to them is limited in time. Therefore, you should carefully read their detailed descriptions and pay attention to possible costs in the future.

The principle of work of programs for data recovery after downloading them to a computer is as follows: they choose where to look for deleted folders, photos and other data. This can be the entire hard drive, USB stick, or just specific folders. Limit your search as much as possible. Enter your individual search terms and set various filters, such as the type of information: music, video or contacts. You can also specify the file size or date as a filter, for example, a certain period of time.

Then start the search process. You will see a status indicator or number of results appear. They will then be shown according to various criteria. Data recovery programs usually show immediately how likely the file is to be completely restored and saved. Select the required files and specify the folder where they should be restored, then follow the instructions on the screen.

Windows File Recovery for Data Recovery

For Windows 10, Microsoft also offers a built-in tool for recovering deleted data – Windows File Recovery. It is suitable for situations where you have mistakenly deleted important files from the recycle bin with a premature click of the mouse. The free app can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

The program is designed as a command line tool and does not have its own interface. Accordingly, you should be able to handle shell commands. To work with the utility on the Microsoft website, you can find related guidance

Windows File Recovery works in three different scanning techniques. There is a Default mode, Segment mode or Signature mode for more thorough scanning and searching.

Perform data recovery immediately after deletion

The data is not permanently deleted even after emptying the recycle bin. However, after deletion, the memory is immediately marked as “free” and Windows can overwrite it at any time. Therefore, Microsoft advises to minimize computer usage after accidentally deleting files to increase the likelihood of their recovery.

If, after losing data, you immediately install recovery programs, there is a possibility that the deleted files will be irretrievably erased – the utilities will take up the “freed” memory. Therefore, in this situation, it is better to use portable free software that runs from a USB stick.

In any case, we advise you to regularly back up and place your data on an external SSD or hard drive. You can also sync your computer to the cloud. This ensures maximum data safety in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as deletion, system failure or virus infection of the PC.

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