Turn on safe mode

You can hide inappropriate or obscene content with YouTube Safe Mode. This mode works as a kind of filter that makes the service more friendly and suitable for young viewers.

  • To configure it, go to the YouTube website.
  • Click on your profile or initials.
  • At the bottom of the menu, you will find the note “Safe Mode” and enable it. This blocks adult content.

How to set up YouTube in the Android and iOS app

You can enable safe mode not only on the YouTube page in the browser, but also directly on the child’s smartphone – in the service application.

  • Tap the three dots (Android) or gear (iOS) icon in the YouTube app.
  • On Android, you can find Safe Mode under Settings> General and enable it by moving the slider to the active position.
  • In the YouTtube iPhone app, you also need to open the Settings menu and then SafeSearch or Safety Mode. Here select “Strict” to enable Safe Mode.

Locking individual channels

If you do not want your child to have access to certain channels, you can block them in the browser. For this, you can use special add-ons. For example, BlockSite is suitable for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chome and Yandex Browser

YouTube parental controls can be easily bypassed

Safe Mode is designed to keep your kids safe. Unfortunately, it is linked to your YouTube account. After you sign in to your account and enable parental controls, a cookie is set. If you are logged in and not logged out, then your child can easily turn off Safe Mode.

In addition, the cookie is only stored for the respective browser. And if your child switches to a different browser, parental controls won’t work.

Another problem with Android is that if you sign out of your YouTube account, you also sign out of all other Google accounts (mail, calendar, maps, and so on). You have to stay logged in.

If you want kids to be able to deactivate Safe Mode on their device, you can install the Family Link app, which will allow you to remotely control their smartphones and prevent them from using certain features. At least not without your knowledge.

We have collected more parental control methods in a separate article.

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