Modern smartphones are often offered in different versions: for example, with 4 or 6 GB of RAM. But for an ordinary (not very advanced) user, these numbers do not mean anything. Of course, more is not less, but do you really need 6 GB? Maybe 4 is enough and there is a chance to save money?

To answer these questions, and at the same time find out how much RAM your applications actually occupy, you need to do some simple manipulation of the menu. No developer modes – everything is available without dancing with tambourines. So…

one. We keep our finger on the free part of the desktop. Or we do a “pinch” by connecting two fingers together. We get here on such a screen.

2. Here we find in the “Settings” (bottom right) and click on the item “More”.

3. Now you need to find the line “Desktop”. We click on it, in the menu that opens we are interested in the “Show memory state” switch. We translate the slider to the right, that is, enable the option.

That, in fact, is all. Now, when displaying a list of all running applications (for this you need to click on the square symbol in the bottom panel), you will see the total and free amount of RAM. On our POCO, this is the line in the upper left part, but on other Xiaomi / POCO / Redmi models, it may be in alternative places.

You can experiment: download all the applications you usually use and list them. Look at the amount of remaining RAM. For example, if you have 3 free of 6 GB, a smartphone with 4 GB of RAM is quite suitable for you. If, on the contrary, the remainder is very small, there is a reason to think about purchasing a model with a larger memory capacity.

We remind you that we have a selection of smartphones with a good price-performance ratio. For example, with budget models up to 6000 rubles. or a full-fledged top of 2021.

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