We present to you two tools that can quickly reduce the number of unnecessary processes and thus free up important system resources.

The regular Windows 10 Task Manager, by default, only shows the main processes of the apps you have started. Only by clicking on the “More” button at the bottom of the window, you can see really important information, for example, the load on the processor, RAM or network. Here you will also see the current energy consumption – by clicking on the column heading, you can sort the processes by the corresponding category and delete the top entries. But depending on the number of active operations, it will take some time.

Those who want to complete many processes at once can get help from the small, free Killer program, which additionally closes all third-party processes. Sometimes individual programs cannot be terminated using the Task Manager, for example if they are frozen. But there is a solution for such cases: the ProcessKO tool will help. Below we will discuss both applications in more detail.

We finish several processes at once: the Killer program for cleaning RAM

Completing individual tasks is a problem with Windows Task Manager. But if you want to terminate several processes at the same time, it will take some time. The free Killer tool will help you do this quickly. The program was created due to the fact that the developer was hampered by the lack of RAM in Google Chrome and its numerous processes.

In the main window of the application, you will see the name of each task, the load on the processor and memory. For example, click on “Memory Usage” and the programs that use the most RAM will be shown. However, all processes of the same utility do not necessarily end up at the top of this list.

Conveniently, Killer has a built-in search function. For example, select “Chrome” in the filter and click on the cross in the upper left corner to select all entries. The Children Too button completes all tasks, including third-party processes. In a similar way, you can act with other applications that interfere with you.

ProcessKO: how to close frozen programs

A slightly different approach is taken by the ProcessKO tool. It will be especially useful if you already know the typical candidates that slow down your computer by taking up too much RAM or freezing regularly. These processes from the list of all current tasks can be saved to Favorites.

Before you can do anything, you must check the box next to “I am an expert and I know what I am doing.” But be careful not to save system processes to Favorites. Of course, by the logos of Firefox, Chrome and other programs, you can always quickly identify the corresponding processes. After that, just click on the desired logo in the favorites list to forcibly quit this program.

Also handy is the KO timer, which allows you to complete any process at a given time. To do this, press “KO Timer / Add” and enter the duration or time.

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