In iOS 14.5, which became available to everyone on April 26, a very convenient function has appeared: if you have an iPhone with Face ID, you are wearing a mask, and you do not need to enter a password on the Apple Watch wrist to unlock your smartphone. Here’s how to enable it.

Important: Your Apple Watch must be updated to watchOS 7.4.

How to Activate iPhone Unlocking with Apple Watch

  • Go to Settings → Face ID and Passcode;
  • Scroll to the item “Unlock from Apple Watch” and activate the toggle switch;
  • Click “Enable”, a window with a description of the function will appear.

Done! Now, when the watch is on your wrist, and you are wearing a mask, the iPhone will automatically unlock.

But there are a couple of points

  • The watch must have a passcode set. If you’re using Apple Pay on your watch, but you don’t need to do anything. If the passcode is not activated, open the Watch application → “Passcode” → “Enable passcode” and set protection;
  • The Wrist Recognition option must be activated. The toggle switch is located in the same menu as the activation of the passcode;
  • The watch must be connected to a smartphone;
  • Both Apple Watch and iPhone must have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled;
  • This does not work with Apple Pay and purchases in the App Store – you will need to enter your account code or password.

If you are wearing a mask, and some ill-wisher decided to seize the moment and unlock your smartphone, then a notification will come to the watch with the ability to quickly block the device:

After that, without entering the passcode, the iPhone cannot be unlocked, even if you remove the mask.

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