If the TV has a Wi-Fi module

Almost all modern TVs with Smart TV support have Wi-Fi access. To activate it, just go to the TV menu and open the wireless network settings. On many models, the item will be called that, but if not, you will still recognize it. For example, Samsung has these settings under the address “Network” – “Network Settings”, where in the “Connection Type” section, select “Wireless”.

To connect to your Wi-Fi network, you will need to find it among the available ones and enter the current password – specify it in advance in the router parameters if you forgot.

If the TV does not have Wi-Fi

Many people associate Internet access with Smart TV, but not even all smart TVs are equipped with Wi-Fi – some older models can only connect to the Internet via a wire. Those devices that do not have Smart functions may not have an Internet connection at all. However, it is easy to configure it manually, by connecting a special adapter or Smart TV set-top box to the TV.

The second option is the simplest – just choose a console that suits you in terms of price and characteristics, and connect it to the jack on the TV set. Before buying a set-top box, check out our list of the best models.

Typically, these devices use the HDMI jack of the TV for the connection. One of the most popular media players that will provide wireless access is Google Chromecast. With its help, the TV will be able to play video and audio files from the Internet. The adapter itself can be controlled from a smartphone, not only on Android, but also from an iPhone.

You can buy Google Chromecast for 3000 rubles. How to connect to a TV and set up a media player, we told in a separate article.

Using a Wi-Fi adapter is also easy. They are quite inexpensive: for example, the D-link DWA-121 / B1 model can be taken for 500 rubles. Naturally, such a device will not have any media functions – it can only catch the signal of the home Wi-Fi network and open the TV to the Internet.

When choosing a Wi-Fi adapter, be sure to consider the transmitter power and the frequency that the device supports. To avoid interference, mini adapters are recommended to be used at a short distance from the router. It is also important that not all TVs work with all adapters. For example, LG has branded Wi-Fi receivers. Before buying, be sure to Google your TV model to clarify compatibility with the selected adapter.

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