If you notice that the speaker of the smartphone has become quieter, and you have to increase the volume, there is a logical reason: most likely the mesh of the speaker of the smartphone is clogged with dirt. We offer an easy way to clean it and return the gadget to normal volume.

How does the grill get clogged?

It’s very simple: you probably carry the device in your pocket a lot. Fibers of the fabric are always collected in the pockets, so microwaves can easily get stuck on the speaker mesh. And on the table, where there is also a smartphone, it is also not always perfect cleanliness. In this case, you constantly press the speaker to your ear, so that it is also moistened with sebum. As a result, the grid clogs up very quickly, which affects the volume and sound quality.

How to clean your phone speaker at home

As usual, it is better to do this periodically, without waiting for critical consequences. Moreover, it takes very little time to clean. You will need quite common and affordable components: alcohol, cotton swabs, a toothbrush with fine bristles and masking tape, as well as transparent tape.How to Clean Your Phone Speaker: Practical Tips

First step: remove dust with a vacuum cleaner

Oddly enough, an ordinary household vacuum cleaner with a fluffy nozzle may be the best solution for cleaning the speaker. Especially if it is deeply recessed behind the surface of the screen. If the vacuum cleaner is miniature (like, for example, Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner) – it’s even easier. Carefully, trying not to touch the brush of the smartphone screen with the hard plastic, brush the brush several times around the speaker (and at the same time near the USB port). Most of the dust should disappear.

How to Clean Your Phone Speaker: Practical TipsThen it is the turn of brushing with a toothbrush. For such work, it is advisable to purchase a special toothbrush with pointed bristles.

How to Clean Your Phone Speaker: Practical TipsSecond stage: rub with alcohol

Alcohol can be purchased at any pharmacy, more often it is called “medical antiseptic solution”. You can also buy cotton swabs there. To prevent liquid from penetrating to the speaker itself, just slightly moisten the stick and gently, without effort, wipe the speaker with it. Let it dry for about 3 minutes.How to Clean Your Phone Speaker: Practical Tips

If you have a magnifying glass, take a close look at the speaker after this procedure. It should already sparkle with a clean surface. But if there is still dirt in the holes, you will have to apply a more radical method.

Stage three: glue the masking tape

You can remove dirt from the grill with masking tape. But only if it is not deeply buried. The sticky layer will not leave marks on the screen, but will adhere grease and dust from the slots of the speaker grill.

How to Clean Your Phone Speaker: Practical Tips Just stick the tape with the sticky side to the speaker and iron it tightly (with the same cotton swab) in the area of ​​the speaker grid. Repeat the procedure several times, changing the sticky area. For this procedure, you can also use transparent tape, but you need to be sure that the sticky layer does not separate from it and does not remain on the display surface. If it remains, it can be removed with the same alcohol.

What to do if nothing worked

Not always “improvised means” work effectively. If there are no visible changes in the state of the grid, you will have to carry the device to the service. Usually, the cleaning procedure is inexpensive, about 1,500 rubles. And, as a rule, those who started the situation suffer. Here’s another reason to periodically clean the speaker mesh at home.

By the way, it will not hurt to clean a personal computer from dust. And this is also easy – read our guide and you will succeed.



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