Yesterday, June 7, Apple introduced iOS 15:

Immediately following the opening of WWDC 2021, a beta version of the operating system became available. It is intended for developers who want to test their applications on iOS 15. It is not intended for public use.

We strongly recommend that you do not install it on your main iPhone.

Your essential applications may stop working. These can be banking applications, instant messengers, and even a regular dialer.

Earlier, we talked about the possible consequences of installing bets for developers:

It is because of these dangers that we will not provide any links. This will only be an instruction for advanced users who understand why certain steps are taken.


A special profile is required to install the beta. It is not so difficult to find it, so we do not give the link.

Download via browser and upload:

After that you will have a window like this:

Close and go to the “General” settings, where look for the “Profile” section:

In this section, you will have a loaded profile:

You need to install it:

Your iPhone will probably ask you to restart it after that. After enabling, go to updates and install the iOS 15 beta intended for developers:

We installed this beta on an iPhone, which is managed by the editorial board and comes off the shelf once a year to install the beta for developers. Therefore, if you really want to install a beta, then we recommend doing it on a device that you do not use.

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