Apple introduced iPadOS 15. Key features below.


Now they can be placed anywhere on the screen on any desktop. Just like in iOS 14.

Large widgets have been developed especially for tablets, which take up almost a quarter of the screen.

Application Library

Another iOS 14 feature has also made its way to iPadOS. The non-removable desktop will now appear on iPads as well. All applications are grouped here. In general, as in iOS 14.

The only difference is that the application library is in the dock, that is, in the box at the bottom of the screen on your iPad.


Finally, there is a hassle-free way to switch from Split View (split screen into two parts) to Slide Over (when one window is on top of the others) and back.

A “Shelf” mode has been added, where you can view all open applications, as well as all tabs in Safari.


Here you can mark people. They will receive notifications.

Also, notes will receive tags that can be searched.

The new Quick Notes feature allows you to quickly work with notes on iPadOS, iOS and macOS.


New application for text translation. The function works almost everywhere, even with the text that is placed on the photos.

Development of

With Swift Playgrounds, you can build iPhone apps right on your iPad. Projects created there can be edited in Xcode.

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