Anzhey Kovalchuk, chief cryptocurrency strategist at TomiEx, said that next week the main cryptocurrency could drop in price by $ 6,000 to $ 27,000.

He also added that at the moment, nothing indicates the possibility of a rise in the price of Bitcoin in the near future, and also noted that the owners of bitcoins will have to be patient.

There are no triggers that can already be perceived as the beginning of an uptrend to new highs, and there are no triggers for total sales. That is, those long-term owners of bitcoin who are now in a drawdown can keep the idea of ​​expecting price growth in the future.

Anzhej Kovalchuk

Historical Bitcoin collapse is expected next week

One of the world’s largest investment banks, Goldman Sachs, said that Ethereum, not Bitcoin, has the highest potential in the cryptocurrency market today. Ultimately, according to Goldman Sachs, Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin and become the most popular cryptocurrency.

Brazilian federal police have arrested the leader of the Bitcoin Banco Group, which has stolen over $ 300 million worth of bitcoins from 7,000 citizens of the country. Claudio Oliveira is called the “King of Bitcoin”.

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