There are two giants in the TV panel manufacturer market: Samsung and LG. The former is betting on QLED panels, while the latter is promoting OLED.

According to the source, the Korean giants have struck a historic deal today: LG will supply OLED panels to Samsung.

Historic deal between Samsung and LG.  LG to ship OLED TV panels to Samsung for the first time

So far, deliveries will amount to 1 million panels in the second half of this year and 4 million next year. At the same time, LG as a whole produces about 8 million such panels a year, that is, Samsung in 2022 will buy about half of all OLED panels from LG. Whether this means Samsung’s plans to migrate its TVs to QD-OLED panels are delayed for now is unclear. The source only says that Samsung has problems in this direction.

As for the reasons why this deal took place, it is to increase the prices of LCD panels.

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