Concern Hisense in China produces, it seems, everything: TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, stoves, and also smartphones. And some of the manufacturer’s phones are quite interesting. For example, the brand new A7. It caught our attention with its black and white screen.


The appearance here is “hello, 2018”: a plastic case, not a frameless display. And the fingerprint scanner on the back gives out an already outdated design. I think this appearance is due to the main element of the Hisense A7 – the screen.

The display is made using e-paper technology or E-Ink. Its resolution is not indicated, but the pixel density on a 6.7-inch screen is 300 PPI, somewhere around 1845 × 820 pixels.

The screen has four modes of operation:

  • “Dynamic” with the increased response and fast matrix operation;
  • Normal mode – in this case, the book’s pages look the same as in e-books.
  • “Whitening” mode with increased contrast of objects;
  • “Night mode” when the backlight is activated.


The “heart” is the Unisoc Tiger T7510 processor; it is paired with 6 GB of RAM. And most importantly: this smartphone works on 5G networks. If you have any ideas why a smartphone with E-Ink should work in the fifth generation networks – welcome to the comments. It seems to me that this is just such a PR action: “We can do this and that. Buy. ”

The smartphone has only one version – 128 GB. Apparently, there are no slots for memory cards in it. But at least you can choose from boring black and no less boring grey:

Hisense A7 received a battery with a relative capacity of 4770 mAh and an 18-watt power supply included.

And the smartphone also has two cameras: 16 MP with f / 1.8 aperture on the back and 5 MP with f / 1.9 in front. Why you need a frontal one, it’s clear – here you can unlock it in the face. Why is the main one needed?

The smartphone runs on a redesigned Android 10. As a bonus, there is an AK4377AECB audio DAC and a 3.5mm headphone jack.


The smartphone is only available in China. Price – 1999 yuan, that is, somewhere around $ 305. Hisense A7 is unlikely to appear in other countries – the company has been producing similar smartphones for a long time, but it only sells them in its homeland.

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