There is less and less time left before the release of the iPhone 13 (12s) line, which means more leaks, renders and mockups will appear on the network. Actually, the layout of the brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max fell into the hands of the blogger Unbox Therapy.

There are two changes: a smaller bang and an enlarged camera block. Yes, everyone’s hated “bangs” will finally become smaller.

The sensors of the TrueDepth system were placed closer to each other, and the speaker was moved higher, closer to the frame of the case. Due to this, the “bangs” will decrease in width, but not in height. At least something!

The block with cameras, on the contrary, will become larger. Cameras will improve: the aperture of the main lens of the iPhone 13 Pro Max will change from f / 1.6 to f / 1.5. The lenses of the ultra-wide-angle cameras of the iPhone 13 will receive more lenses, and will also become more aperture: from f / 2.4 to f / 1.8. There will also be sensor shift stabilization on an ultra wide-angle lens.

As previously reported, the camera unit will protrude another 0.9 mm in the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the lenses will become larger, but the glass will not “stick out” as on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Insiders have speculated that the iPhone 13 Pro Max will lose the Lightning connector, but recent leaks claim that this will not happen. We are waiting for another generation.

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