Smartphones OnePlus 9 just went on sale, but users have already found an annoying problem with the older model OnePlus 9 Pro – it overheats. Moreover, it does not overheat at all in games, as one might think.

Hasselblad's innovative camera that can't be used.  OnePlus 9 Pro smartphone owners complain about smartphone problems

According to the source, the official OnePlus forum is inundated with complaints from users who have encountered overheating reports when using the camera app. The message appears even if the program is used for a short time – taking several photos or a short video. In the worst case, the smartphone stops shooting until it cools down. In some cases, the same problem occurs during the initial setup of the smartphone or shortly thereafter.

OnePlus has already noted that they are aware of the problem and are working to fix it. The updated firmware is promised “within a few weeks.” Apparently, the problem is of a software nature, but the example of Xiaomi Mi 11 is still fresh in memory, when the smartphone overheated in games. And then the Snapdragon 888, on the basis of which the OnePlus 9 Pro is built, was blamed for everything.

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