Harley-Davidson unveiled its first LiveWire electric bike three years ago. This is a wildly cool streetfighter. And it looks especially juicy in orange:

That LiveWire has one big drawback: 170 km on a single charge. And so – a great motorcycle, which became the protagonist of the documentary series Long Way Up (“The Long Way North”, available on Apple TV +).

During those three years, Harley-Davidson decided to spin off its own electric sub-brand, LiveWire. And now the first model of this sub-brand is shown – LiveWire ONE.

Externally, LiveWire ONE does not differ too much from the very first model. Unless the Harley-Davidson lettering is now gone and the colors are new. At least in white, the new LiveWire ONE looks really cool.

Another important difference is mileage. Trips around the city and on the highway differ significantly in their duration. This is what Harley-Davidson uses. LiveWire ONE can travel up to 230 km in the city and 153 km along the highway. There is practically no boost in comparison with the very first model: in the characteristics of the Harley-Davidson LiveWire indicatedthat he drove 235 km around the city, although many media outlets write about a cruising range of 170 km around the city.

In addition, there are a few more changes: the battery capacity has dropped from 15.5 kWh to 15.4. The power also decreased: from 78 kW (105 hp) to 75 kW (100 hp), and the torque – from 116 to 114 Nm. As you can see, the technical changes are not very noticeable.

The charging speed also roughly converges with the very first Harley-Davidson LiveWire: from 0 to 100% in 60 minutes, from 0 to 80% in 45 minutes, and from 20 to 80% in 30 minutes. Excellent performance, but that’s only applicable to special charges. Are you using a regular one? Then from zero to hundreds it will be possible to charge in about 10 hours.

Otherwise, judging by the scraps of information that Harley-Davidson gave, the two motorcycles are not much different. Except that LiveWire ONE is significantly cheaper. If the very first Harley-Davidson LiveWire cost $ 29,999 without taxes, then for this one they will ask for $ 19,799 in the database. Given that certain states in the United States have tax breaks and reliefs for buyers of electric vehicles, the price could be significantly reduced.

Why is Harley-Davidson the new LiveWire brand?

First of all, the reason is the reputation of the brand. “Harleys” are about the muscular power of the internal combustion engine, and not about metrosexual hipster electricity.

On the other hand, the age of the company’s main customers plays a big role, although Harley-Davidson executives deny this factor, hinting that audience aging is a problem for all manufacturers, not a specific one. But only the young must be somehow seduced. Over the past three years, brands such as Zero Motorcycle have entered the US market. They offer e-bikes for $ 10,000. In this situation, even the cool-looking LiveWire doesn’t look cool because of its $ 30K price tag. Especially for the young.

Therefore, its restyle comes out under a new brand and with a new price, one third lower than the original one. And “Harley” as a brand will not suffer from the loss of reputation, trying to “bend” to a young audience. Nice exit.

But I would still like to buy a LiveWire with the Harley-Davidson logo. He’s, sorry, sexier.

The very first Harley-Davidson LiveWire. Source: Harley-Davidson

LiveWire ONE will go on sale this year. The exact dates are unknown. Initially, it will only be sold at twelve dealerships in three states: California, New York and Texas. The electric bike will be available in other states next year.

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