According to the New Zealand Herald, hackers stole NZ $ 45,000 (or about $ 32,000) in bitcoin from the NZ police wallet.

The police intended to use bitcoins for a covert control purchase of drugs. However, an unknown organization gained control of the keys needed to access the wallet and stole the cryptocurrency.

Police still do not know who stole the bitcoins, although Detective Inspector Stuart Mills of the New Zealand Police’s National Organized Crime Unit says the attackers “are likely overseas” and that “the crime was part of a larger widespread fraud targeting bitcoin wallets. ” An investigation into how the criminals obtained the keys and where the money went is ongoing.

Hackers stole bitcoins from police officers who planned to use cryptocurrency to control drug purchases

This is not the first time New Zealand police have dealt with cryptocurrency. Last year, New Zealand authorities confiscated about $ 90 million in BTC from Alexander Vinnik, the alleged operator of the currently closed BTC-e exchange, who is to serve five years in prison for ransomware fraud.

And at the end of 2019, New Zealand police confiscated $ 4.2 million in cryptocurrencies from the owner of pirated movie distribution sites.

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