Google completed its acquisition of Fitbit in January, after which the search giant began selling smartwatches and trackers. According to WinFuture, Fitbit will launch a new fitness tracker called Fitbit Luxe.

Fitbit Luxe will be available in three color options – black, soft gold (with a white strap) and platinum (with a pink strap). The highlight here is that the case will be made of stainless steel.

In terms of specs, the source says the Fitbit Luxe is equipped with an OLED display, however the exact dimensions of the display have not been specified. It can be seen that the rectangular display has rounded corners, and a 2.5D glass is installed on top of the screen.

Google will release the Fitbit Luxe fitness tracker with GPS.  High-quality images and characteristics

Fitbit Luxe, like the company’s other trackers, will offer a variety of health tracking features. It will support the measurement of heart rate, will be able to track stress levels, monitor the quality and duration of sleep, and so on.

The fitness tracker will be equipped with a GPS module that will allow you to monitor various types of activity.

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