It will help you choose lipstick and other cosmetics without leaving your home. Google partnered with ModiFace and Perfect Corp.

The service has a function of virtual application of funds using augmented reality technology. What it looks like: A user launches the front-facing camera on a smartphone. After that, he chooses a shade of cosmetics, for example, lipstick, and it immediately appears on the virtual image.

Google Shopping now has a function

But this is not the only way to try on makeup. You can also do this from the search engine page—currently available brand catalogs: L’Oreal, MAC Cosmetics, Black Opal, and Charlotte Tilbury.

Google Shopping now has a function

Besides, when browsing products through Google Shopping, recommendations from enthusiasts and beauty experts will be shown.

Both initiatives were implemented as part of Google’s massive investment in online shopping. Their goal is to make online shopping accessible to all people around the world.

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