The American company Google has officially unveiled a new, more democratic version of the brand’s fully wireless Pixel Buds – Pixel Buds A. If the original model is available now for $ 179, then the new product can be purchased for almost half the price – for $ 99. Headphone sales will start next week, June 17th.

Of course, the price was reduced by reducing the functionality of the device. So, for example, the complete Pixel Buds A case no longer supports wireless charging and you will have to use USB Type-C wiring to replenish it with energy. Also, the headphones “got rid” of the ability to control playback using gestures.

But they retained the proprietary Google Adaptive Sound function, which automatically adjusts the playback volume depending on the environment. Pixel Buds A can last up to 5 hours on a single charge. Taking into account the periodic recharging in the case, the autonomy increases to a whole day. Meanwhile, smartwatches with “built-in” wireless headphones became a hit even before the start of sales.

Source: Google

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