Google has begun rolling out a new backup system for Android devices.

Google Launches Versatile and Featured Android Backup Solution

It was named Backup By Google One. It is noted that this is a more versatile and functional solution than the current standard system for creating backups on Android.

The current Android time backup system includes app data, SMS, call history, contacts and device settings such as Wi-Fi networks and passwords, wallpapers, display brightness and lock settings, language and input settings, and date and time.

The new solution additionally provides a default backup of videos, photos and MMS messages. Management and control can be done directly from Android settings, from the Google One app, or through the Google One website. Last year, Google allowed all users to create MMS backups, but this required installing and using the Google One app.

Google Launches Versatile and Featured Android Backup Solution

Backup By Google One is available for all Google accounts. Free account users are limited to 15 GB of storage, additional storage will require a paid subscription.

Backup By Google One began rolling out to devices running Android 8.0 and newer OS versions yesterday and will be available to all users in the coming weeks.

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