While Google’s current smartphones use Qualcomm SoCs, future ones will use proprietary SoCs instead of Qualcomm’s current SoCs. And the first model based on them will be the Google Pixel 6.

Google is following the Apple path.  Google Pixel 6 will use a proprietary processor

Information that Google is switching to its own SoCs was revealed in the company’s internal documents. They also talk about the single-chip Google Whitechapel system as part of a new global platform called Slider. Google itself also uses the second designation for Whitechapel – GS101. The literal part of the code can be deciphered as Google Silicon, Google’s single-chip platform.

The documents indicate the connection of the Slider platform with the Samsung Exynos SoC. This is not surprising: back in 2020, there were rumours that Samsung was helping Google create its own single-chip systems. There is just another confirmation of this. This means that Google’s SoCs, and the GS101 in particular, will have some similarities with the current Exynos SoCs.

The first smartphones on the Slider platform will be devices codenamed Raven and Oriole. One of them, presumably, belongs to the promising Pixel 6. The other is a slightly simpler model. Both are due out this fall.

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