Alphabet, which owns Google with Fiat presented three cars at once. This is definitely not an April Fool’s joke, since the presentation took place on March 31st.

Illustration: Svetlana Chuvileva / Media

The cars of the Fiat 500 family received a special Hey Google series. They differ from the regular versions by the presence of Android Auto, as well as some elements of the exterior and interior, supposedly designed according to the Google brand book:

Despite the Google Assistant logo, CarPlay is also available. Source: Stell Antis

For example, cars will receive Hey Google badges attached to the front fenders, as well as special seat tags:

The counter is framed in special points of the “Google Assistant”:

The seats look especially good:

The Hey Google version will be available for three vehicles: the compact Fiat 500 (convertible also available), the 500X five-door cross-hatchback and the 500L large hatch.

Each vehicle can be “driven” from Google Nest Hub devices or via a smartphone. Of course, the word is loud, but you can check with the assistant whether the doors are closed, whether the engine is turned off.

The vehicles will be available for purchase in Italy, Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland. The cheapest will turn out compact Fiat 500, its price starts at £ 16,000 (almost 1.7 million rubles). They will ask for a convertible already 18,650 £ (approximately 1.95 million rubles).

The most expensive will be the Fiat 500X. For its version with a 148-horsepower engine, they will ask for £ 23,264 (approximately 2.43 million rubles) in the UK.

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