Google has recently released a major update to its proprietary browser – Chrome 91. Now, in the official blog of Chromium, Chrome Product Manager Thomas Nattestad drew attention to an innovation that ordinary users in Chrome 91 might have missed.

Google Chrome update saves over 17 years of CPU time per day

Nuttestad said:

Chrome 91 is 23% faster with the launch of the new Sparkplug compiler and short inline calls, saving more than 17 years of CPU time per day for our users! ”

The post explains that Sparkplug is a new JavaScript compiler that allows you to launch web applications much faster by filling the gap between execution speed and optimizing JavaScript code for maximum performance. In addition to the new compiler, Google also uses inline calls to optimize processes and memory space.

It also notes that the developers are planning to implement several more features in the near future to improve the overall performance of Chrome.

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