To attract the attention of developers, Google decided to reduce the commission on the gaming service Stadia. Starting October 1, 2021, the commission for new downloads will be 15% instead of the usual 30%. At the same time, the discount is valid for annual revenue of up to $ 3 million. The promotion will be valid until the end of 2023, then the old conditions will come into effect again.

Apparently, after Google abandoned the idea of ​​creating games by its own studio, it had to look for new ways to support the game service. In addition, there remains the issue of control of the antimonopoly authorities over the division of revenues between services and content creators.

Moreover, Apple in November 2020 offered developers more interesting conditions. Let me remind you that Apple has reduced the commission from 30% to 15% for those developers who earn less than $ 1 million a year.

Also in the plans of Google and other improvements to conditions. For example, 70% of Stadia Pro subscription revenue will go towards supporting free app creators. For this, the player’s activity in the application will be taken into account: if you play the same game two or three times a day, then several actions will still be counted as one session. Therefore, it is important that people play daily.

There will also be a referral program: if the developer manages to turn a trial version user into a Stadia Pro subscriber, he will receive $ 10 from each attracted client. But to withdraw money, you will need to save at least $ 500. The bonus program will start in the first half of 2022.

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