Gartner experts have prepared a forecast, which states that the global market for communication and collaboration software in 2021 will amount to $ 4.5 billion. This is 17.1% more than in 2020. Significant market growth is facilitated by the need to support remote work during COVID-19, the demand for software for communication and interactive interaction, as well as the integration of these tools with other corporate applications.

Gartner expects communication and collaboration software sales to grow 17% this year

Even as some employees begin to return to offices, the irreversible changes in staff structure caused by COVID-19 will require additional investments in information exchange technologies.

In 2020, the described market in monetary terms was equal to $ 3.826 billion, this year the figure is $ 4.479 billion, and in the future – $ 5.104 billion. In 2020, the growth was 8.7%, this year it will be 17.1%, and in the future – 14.0%.

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