Experts from the analytical company Gartner predict that this year the number of “devices” to which analysts refer to desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones used worldwide will reach 6.2 billion. The number of laptops and tablets will increase by 125 million units.

Growth will continue in 2022. Analysts expect the number of devices in use to increase by 3.2% to reach 6.4 billion.

Growth experts at Gartner explain the changes associated with the pandemic. Simply put, the fact that a huge number of users began to move to remote work and learning and entertainment.

Of course, not all segments are experiencing growth. In particular, the number of desktop PCs is gradually decreasing. The dynamics in each of the four segments is clearly shown in the diagram:

Gartner estimates that the number of PCs, tablets and smartphones in use worldwide will reach 6.2 billion this year.

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