In contrast to analysts at Canalys, who estimated the growth of the global PC market in the second quarter of 2021 compared with the same period last year at 13%, their colleagues at Gartner believe that PC shipments grew in annual terms by only 4.6%. This is significantly less than the figure recorded in the first quarter. Then, according to Gartner’s calculations, shipments grew by 35.7%. Gartner attributed the slowdown in growth in part to a component shortage hitting the industry. Gartner estimates that 71.628 million PCs were shipped during the quarter. The difference from the Canalys report is partly due to the fact that Gartner does not include Chromebooks in the calculation. However, even taking Chromebooks into account, the growth, according to Gartner, was 10%.

As for the balance of power in the market, the opinions of the two analytical companies coincide, although the shares of the companies from the top five differ somewhat.

The first place is occupied by Lenovo, whose share decreased over the year from 24.4% to 24.1%. The second place is taken by HP, whose share decreased from 23.5% to 20.0% over the year. Dell, ranked third, was able to increase its share from 15.6% to 17.1%. This is followed by Apple, whose share for the year increased 7.4% to 8.5%. And Acer closes the top five, whose share increased from 5.4% to 6.0%.

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