The countries of the informal alliance of the G7, which includes the UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, France, Japan and the United States, during the upcoming meeting of leaders intend to agree on guidelines aimed at preventing leakage of confidential research data. The G7 countries want to protect joint projects amid growing concerns about the risk of theft from China, according to Nikkei.

It is expected that the joint position on this issue will be reflected in a statement to be published after the three-day summit. The draft statement emphasizes the view that advances in science and technology cannot be expected without measures to prevent the theft of research by other countries.

G7 countries gather to defend academic research from China

The source clarifies that the recommendations will target projects in the field of artificial intelligence, quantum technologies and other areas with military applications. They will be designed to address the risks of China’s expanding presence in international collaborative research, which some observers believe Beijing is using to gain access to cutting edge technology.

A working group is planned to be formed this year to identify areas to be covered and concrete steps to be taken. In particular, it is proposed to create a common list with the names and nationalities of researchers in companies, universities and research groups, as well as information on any foreign funding received by these organizations. The G-7 will also discuss the need for individual members to enhance patent protection capabilities.

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