Future SmartPhones Huawei Will Be Able To Surprise With The Combination Of Two new Technologies. Sub-Screen Camera And Full-Screen Fingerprint

But you have to wait

The world’s first serial smartphone with a sub-screen front camera is due out on September 1, and it will be a ZTE device. Of course, other manufacturers are also working on similar products.

For example, Huawei wants to give its future smartphones not only such cameras, but also sub-screen fingerprint scanners that will work across the entire display surface. Of course, some models of Huawei smartphones may receive one of these technologies, but the company said that it is working on combining them.

Future smartphones Huawei will be able to surprise with the combination of two new technologies.  Sub-screen camera and full-screen fingerprint

A full-screen fingerprint scanner requires more sensors to be placed inside, which is both more expensive and more complex in terms of smartphone design, so Huawei is now working to reduce the cost of such sensors.

In addition, the company deals with the issue of energy consumption. Huawei said that artificial intelligence will allow to determine which of the sensors needs to be powered at one time or another, so as not to use everything at the same time.

Unfortunately, such smartphones should not be released soon. The company focuses on the appearance of such devices in one or two generations, that is, in the best case, in a year.

 Source: AndroidAuthority

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