The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will no longer pursue an antitrust case against Qualcomm. This decision was made four years after the commission filed a lawsuit, accusing the company of anti-competitive practices.

In 2019, the commission won the case, but in 2020 the appellate court overturned that decision. Then the FTC spokesman said that the agency will consider possible options for retaliatory steps. It seems that it was decided to abandon the continuation of the struggle.

FTC Acting Chair Rebecca Kelly Slaughter issued a statement saying the agency “will not ask the Supreme Court to reconsider” an appeals court’s ruling last year.

FTC abandons further fight against Qualcomm

According to the FTC, the manufacturer “acted illegally, harming competitors’ sales, diminishing their ability and incentive to innovate, and increasing the prices consumers pay for cell phones and tablets.” The agency accused Qualcomm of monopoly abuse and demanded that the company renegotiate billions of dollars in licensing agreements with smartphone makers. In addition, Qualcomm has been accused of refusing to license patents to competitors.

However, the appellate court ruled that the chip manufacturer’s actions were not unlawful. And although the FTC does not agree with the decision of the appellate court, “given the significant obstacles that the Commission faces in this matter,” it was decided to stop.

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