Microsoft has released its traditional monthly Patch Tuesday update for the Windows 10 operating system.

Fresh update automatically fixes original Windows 10 browser

Among other things, this cumulative update permanently removes the original browser from the system, which began shipping along with the very first version of Windows 10. We are talking about the Microsoft Edge browser, which Microsoft hoped will replace Internet Explorer.

Nevertheless, Internet Explorer is still included in the system, but the original Microsoft Edge has now been renamed to Microsoft Edge Legacy (in the Russian-language documentation – old or outdated Microsoft Edge) and is removed from the system during the installation of the April Windows 10 update.

Support for Microsoft Edge Legacy ended on March 9, 2021. The update will remove Microsoft Edge Legacy from the system and install the new Chromium-powered Microsoft Edge if it is not already present on the PC. The process of removing and replacing will happen automatically, whether the user wants it or not.

The update also fixes an annoying problem with printers, performance problems, a “broken” search in “Explorer”, fixes five “zero-day” security vulnerabilities and 102 simpler vulnerabilities, of which 19 are marked as “critical” and 89 – as “important”.

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