Freedrum 2 Turns Drumsticks Into A Virtual Drum Kit

Freedrum 2 devices provide haptic feedback

On the Kickstarter site recently, fundraising began for the release of Freedrum 2 devices that can turn a pair of drumsticks into a virtual drum kit. Our regular readers have probably already remembered the news about the first generation of Freedrum. It differs from its predecessor Freedrum 2 in that it provides tactile feedback. Another difference is the ability to simulate kicking without supporting the heels.

Freedrum 2 turns drumsticks into a virtual drum kit

As before, a small device is attached to each stick. Two more sensors, which are responsible for the bass drum and hi-hat, are fixed on the legs. The devices are paired with a smartphone with a special application installed, after which you can start playing, and in order not to disturb others, you can output sound to headphones.

Freedrum 2 sensors track the position and movement of the sticks, correlating this data with the location of the components of the virtual drum kit. Feedback brings the playing experience closer to the real reaction of drums and cymbals.

The $ 79 minimum fee is equivalent to a set of four sensors and a three-month subscription to a software service for learning and playing. At the time of writing the news, the collected amount exceeded $ 110,000. Considering that the authors of the project set a goal to raise $ 50,000, it can be considered a success. Fundraising will continue for another 25 days, with shipping scheduled to begin next August.

Source: Kickstarter

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