French competition authority fined Alphabet Inc. (parent company Google) for 500 million euros – almost 593 million dollars or 44 billion rubles. It is reported by Reuters

The reason for the fine is copyright infringement. The point is Google News: the company refused to pay royalties to publications from where the texts were taken to the news aggregator.

After imposing a fine, the company must provide solutions on how it will pay compensation to news outlets. If they are not provided, the company will have to pay 900 thousand euros for each day of delay.

Earlier, Google agreed to pay one hundred twenty-one French news outlet about 76 million euros over two years. This decision was one of the largest in Europe in the history of the Google News Showcase. The solution provided for compensation for citing news excerpts on the aggregator’s page. This amount was supposed to end copyright disputes – reports Reuters. However, the deal was suspended at the end of June due to the expectation of a response from the French anti-monopoly authorities.

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